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We are offer a complete HR solution for your business for FREE*


If you run our a business that needs various features and flexibilty in your payroll such ass

  • Different wage schedules, your business may pay daily wage earners, weekly or bi weekly, don't mention monthly we got them all
  • Different pay day schedules, why stuck with just monthly, you can have those earn daily to be paid weekly, like we have in our farms
  • Various benefits as enacted by varios labour laws
  • Payroll on demand
  • Allowances, other incomes
  • Penalty and deductions

STAFY allows your business to manage it's human resource compensation in one systematic and more efficient manners.

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Stuff that STAFY is the most logical choice for your payroll solution

If you a business, chance is, your business has it;s own unique selling point, and why should you follow the herds


How hard and how much it's going to cost you to do correct payrolls

All should go to your employee, make them happy a lot happier knowing that their employers not wasting money

Salary 80%
Benefit 15%
Bonus 5%
Payroll software 0%

Attendance & Schedules

No more headache managing your employees attendance and their work schedules

Facial Recognition

Who need thumb print and punch card, use one in everyone's pocket

Shift Schedule

Create you shift schedule to every work place

Track timesheet

See how much time your employees spent at work, taking break, or just being late to work

Know their location

Do you know when and where your employee is during work hours, too bad, too much time is wasted in coffee shop

Schedule your work place schdules with STAFY

If you run a store, factory, that you're workers turn up on different time, then may be you need to schedule your shift with STAFY


STAFY may help you

Talk to use, and see how you could improve your business turnover and your employees efficiency.

Leaves Management

Fully online self manage employee leave management

  • Leave
  • Eligbility
  • Carry forward
  • More features

Annual Leave

Plan in advance

Emergency leave

When things happens

Sick Leave

For medical reason


Welcome a new person


Time to grief


Big day

Earned wage access

There are times when waiting for the next pay day is pain, may be your employee get into some kind of emergentcy, and they shouldn't be sent to pawnshop or loan sharks

Staff Retention

Keep your most valuable assets happy

Social responsibility Schedule

Every now and then everyone have some emergency

No more complex calculation

STAFY makes it very easy to help your employees


It's not just employer, other colleagues can help too

Feature tables

See whats STAFY has to offer, and compare that to our competitors.

Our competition

CompetitorA RM 8.00 per employee per month

  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Staff claims
  • Time sheet
  • Scheduling

Another competitor

Competitor BRM 10.00 per month per employee

  • Set up fee * extra
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Attendance * extra

Frequently Asked Questions

These are common misunderstanding, things that you always want to ask but has been holding back

  • It is true it's FREE?

    Yes it is, at least for the use of the software, so don't expect us to subsidize the material and services which might not be ours. For example, you got to buy your own phone, computer nad pay the bill and internet access your self. Then there are other things as well , like SMS, and Google Map too if you choose to use them. These fees are imposed by 3rd parties.

  • Well, we always accept donation, if you like our software, it helps cover our running cost, let's get back to the question, how we make money : We have our businesses, and these softwares are used daily by our businesses , sharing them make the software better.

  • No, we don't, thou we may use your data for insight in usage and behavior to train our machine learning model, so it will work better for you in the future.

    Please read our term of service and privacy statement. We also support GDPR, so you can request to delete all your data

  • Our web is mobile web, and we're working on native mobile app, shcedule for early December 2021 release

  • Sure, we allow as many as you like, as long as you use it, any account which is inactive will be deleted after 2 months, and you can backup download your data as you wish


Please let us know if you have any enquiries.


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